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News flash!! KC Racing has just became official dealer for Specialised Car Covers in China, Hong Kong.

News product!! - Specialised Car Covers from UK

Car Covers UK is Britain¡¦s most innovative and exciting car cover manufacturer and offers a range of specialised car covers including dust covers, waterproof covers and long term storage covers, in unique Webflex-295 fabric. When it comes to choosing your tailor-made waterproof and breathable covers which you can through KC Racing, car dust covers, and protective covers for helicopters and aeroplanes, Car Covers UK understands that a beautiful body needs covering.

Whether you want to launch your car in a dynamic way with a bespoke launch car cover made of chic silk or simply want to keep your vehicle dust free, Car Covers UK can help.

Please visit http://www.carcoversuk.com/acatalog/ to search for the model you need and KC Racing will guaranty best possible price.

- 2007/2/6 -

STI Pistion Kit & Head Gasket

New Product ¡V Crawford piston package for Subaru EJ20 STi motor After 25 years of racing experience, in conjunction with CAD designing, testing, and building proven power bragging Subaru Engines, Crawford Performance has developed a set of packages that will suite whatever need you are looking for. This package consists of only the best in the industry, including Crawford Performance Designed Pistons, Rods and Studs. These parts were designed specifically by Crawford Performance in the late 90s. Today many of these pistons, rods, and studs are being used all over the world.
This time KC Racing would like to introduce WRX internals upgrade package, it upgrade your stock STi block to a S3L 2.65L engine with the parts included in this package.

Kit includes
- Crawford Performance designed pistons and pins
- Crawford Performance designed Billet 4340 long
- This package has a longer rod ratio
- New crank main bearings
- New rod bearings
- Does not include short block or crank

The kit can mate with Crawford CP-30R turbo kit to product over 475hp. It will turn your STi to be the king of the road with ease.

KC Racing currently has stock if this engine package, please call us for pricing detail.

- 2007/2/1 -

Special Edition SLK 55 AMG

Special ¡V 2007 Mercedes Benz SLK 55 Black Series available for sale! (Road registered ready)

As the only eight-cylinder roadster in its segment, the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG delivers an exceptional driving experience. Now the two-seater is becoming even sportier: Mercedes AMG has developed an exclusive, emphatically puristic special series as a coupe variant, a car that sets new standards in handling dynamics - the SLK 55 AMG Black Series. With the AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine, which has been boosted to 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm, the numerous lightweight components, the non-retractable carbon-fibre roof, 19-inch AMG forged wheels, AMG adjustable sports suspension and AMG high-performance composite brakes, the special SLK 55 AMG brings its sports car talents to bear even more convincingly - and cuts an impressive figure especially on racing circuits.

Broad, brawny and low-slung ¡X its clear at first glance that the SLK 55 AMG Black Series is something very special. It offers a captivating view from the front with a redesigned AMG front apron and its broad openings, which supply the added transmission-oil cooler and the high-performance steering-oil cooler with plenty of fresh air. In addition, new side outlets made of carbon ensure effective ventilation for the engine-oil coolers. The front wings, now wider, are made of reinforced plastic with ultra-light carbon-fibre composite material and feature black outlined air outlets. The non-retractable hardtop of the two-seater is also made of carbon-fibre composites, and the black central section with a visible carbon-fibre structure provides appealing visual effects. The elimination of the vario roof and the entire roof hydraulics not only makes possible a significantly lower centre of gravity but also leads to a notable reduction in weight: With a kerb weight of 1495 kilograms according to EC standards, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series is 45 kilograms lighter than the basic vehicle. That improves the weight/power ratio from 4.3 to 3.7 kg/hp.

AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque

Engineers not only optimised the weight but also gave the Black Series an optimised AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with a maximum output of 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque. A modified air intake, reduced-resistance AMG sports air filters, new high-performance headers and a new valve-timing scheme ensure a more efficient charge cycle and make the eight-cylinder unit even more responsive to accelerator pedal movements ¡X which is also evident from the inimitable and even more impressive AMG V8 sound.

The combination of low vehicle weight and a powerful AMG eight-cylinder engine ensures first-class performance. This SLK 55 AMG accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds (standard model: 4.9 s), and it takes just 15.5 seconds for the Black Series to reach 200 km/h (standard vehicle: 17.5 s). Power transmission is accomplished using the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC with manual drive program (M) and AMG aluminium gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.

AMG adjustable sports suspension, forged wheels and composite brakes

The suspension and the brake system are the ideal partners for the dynamic power package. The AMG adjustable sports suspension, optimised for the racetrack, allows impressive cornering speeds. In this chassis technology taken from motorsport, the compression and rebound stages of the front and rear-axle shock absorbers can be tuned harder or softer ¡X making it possible to adjust the damping comfort and driving behaviour to ones individual purpose. The ride height can also be lowered or raised by five millimetres. The modified elastokinematics at the front axle and the specially tuned mounting of the major assemblies ensure more precise steering and stability when braking ¡X which is particularly advantageous in the intense driving on racetracks. A brace in the engine compartment guarantees additional rigidity to cope with higher lateral forces.

The SLK 55 AMG Black Series has large, ultra-light, forged AMG aluminium wheels in the sizes 8.5 x 19 and 9.5 x 19. Compared to the 18-inch light-alloy wheels of the standard vehicle in widths of 7.5 and 8.5 inches, the full wheel assemblies, including tyres, weigh four kilograms less. The advantage is even clearer when compared with equally wide, multi-piece 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels. In this case, the weight savings come to 31 kilograms. The weight reduction results in a greater responsiveness on the part of the speed-sensitive power steering ¡X which is also equipped with a more powerful servo pump. The elegantly proportioned multi-spoke forged wheels fill the striking wheel housings perfectly and are fitted with tyres of sizes 235/35 ZR 19 (front) and 265/30 ZR 19 (rear). As an option, and at no extra cost, the customer can also choose special Pirelli sports tyres with a very high grip factor and outstanding wet-driving properties. Superb braking is ensured by the AMG high-performance brakes with large composite brake discs (360 x 32 millimetres) and six-piston fixed callipers at the front axle.

Interior with the functional atmosphere of a real racing car

The racing features are consistently carried over into the interior. Two specially developed AMG sports bucket seats without sidebags in black pearl velour and with a silver AMG logo provide the best possible lateral support; the new AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel in leather and Alcantara permits optimal vehicle control. An abundance of carbon fibre on the interior door linings and the trim elements, as well as the black roof lining, give the interior the functional atmosphere of a real racing car ¡X and thereby affirm the almost 40-year motorsport history of Mercedes-AMG. The Black Series lettering on the carbon-fibre trim over the glove compartment and on the boot lid signals the special status of this powerful and puristic two-seater.

Despite handling dynamics suitable for the racetrack, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series, manufactured by hand in the Performance Studio, offers all the features that set a real Mercedes-Benz apart: fitness for everyday use, durability, safety and quality.

- 2007/1/27 -

News flash!! KC Racing will install DYNAPACK in our racing facility at ZIC.

KC Racing has added a Dynapack to our racing facility in Zhuhai International Circuit to service our race cars as well as available for hire to racing teams and tuning companies.

The Dynapack dynamometer is a technologically advanced apparatus that applies a variable but precise hydraulic load via a fixed coupling to the driven wheels of a motor vehicle to simulate road conditions in the workshop.

The Dynapack unique hydraulic operation allows it to quickly and accurately measure engine and drive line performance with sensitivity capable of measuring the headlights being turned on.

The Dynapack series is attached directly to the wheel hubs, thereby eliminating all the disadvantages of tyre distortion including noise, torque steer, loss of traction, tyre heat and variations in tyre design and wear. Direct coupling eliminates the need to estimate torque and enables the dynamometer to make very sensitive readings over a very wide range of engine speeds. The elimination of the tyre roller interface means that the results are more precise and repeatable.

The effect of this increased precision is hard to gauge as the DYNAPACK series continues to break new ground as a diagnostic tool in the automotive industry.

Our Dynapack will be setup ready for use in March 2007, please contact us for your hiring needs.

- 2007/1/24 -

News flash!! KC Racing has just became official dealer for Haltech Engine Management System in China, Hong Kong.

KC Racing has just became the offical dealer for Haltech Engine Management System from Australia.
Why a Haltech Engine Management System is for you?
Since 1986, Haltech has powered more champions than we can count. But you can count on this - You¡¦ll see consistent top quality performance, power and reliability from our patented Engine Management Systems. Haltech provides a full range of engine management systems that cover the needs and budgets of many different types of users.
All Haltech ECU¡¦s come standard with all the features that you need,

  • No cost to unlock codes.
  • No need to return the ECU for modification when you want to put in on another car or enable another feature.
Regardless of the model, all Haltech Engine Management Systems are built to the same internationally recognised high quality standards. Haltech Engine Management Systems have passed EPA emissions tests and can control most engine¡¦s to the degree required to pass these standards (given the vehicle is emissions capable).

A little known fact about programmable engine management is that Haltech was actually the first widespread commercially available programmable engine management system and still in fact holds the patents to programmable engine management technology - truly allowing them to lay claim to the saying ¡§the original and still the best¡¨.

With Haltech¡¦s renewed commitment reliability and more years of experience than any other manufacturer of programmable engine management it¡¦s no wonder Haltech is busting its way back onto the global racing scene with high quality products that are user friendly at a surprisingly affordable price.
Would you like your engine to,

  • Tune for your specific engine modifications?
  • Improve fuel economy?
  • Improve power and torque?
  • Have full control over ignition timing?
  • Have full control over injector timing?
  • Have control over any size injectors?
  • Interface with popular crank trigger signals?
  • Electronically controls boost levels? Control ancillary devices like idle controllers, thermofans etc?
  • Control VTEC features?
  • Datalog engine data for analysis?
  • Be fully adjustable via laptop controls?
  • Control all CDI systems (E.g. MSD, M&W)?
  • Have dual mapping for different fuel types ?
  • Control features such as turbo anti-lag, nitrous control, rev limiter?
Then a Haltech Engine Management System is for you!

KC Racing will offer special introductory package for E8, E11v2 and Interceptor for your Japanese and European performance vehicle. Please contact us for more information or visit http://www.haltech.com.au/ for product specification!

- 2007/1/23 -

News flash!! KC Racing has just became official dealer for AST Suspension in China, Hong Kong.

KC Racing has just became the offical dealer for AST Suspension from Holland. They offer fast road and competition suspension for populaer Japanese and European vehicles. 35 Years ago, Piet Kreeft started his career at Research & Development Department at a well-known shock absorber company. At that time they supplied shock absorbers to the automotive racing and other industries. After a short period in R&D, Piet specialized in suspension technology for sports and racing applications. Five days a week he worked on the development of shock absorbers, while his weekends were spent on sports and race tracks all over the world where he amassed a wealth of experience and information.

He always maintained close contacts with the engineers and drivers of the cars and was able to test new developments in practice immediately. We can safely say that the shock absorbers purpose-built by Piet Kreeft helped many driver cross the finish line as the race winner. And among many famous names was Emmerson Fittipaldi in the Indycars in Indianapolis, USA.

Then, Piet Kreeft decided to combine his extensive knowledge and experience with the specialist product know-how of the Smits Engineering Works of Valkenswaard, The Netherlands, leading to the creating of AST.
AST Suspension offers 3 types of suspensions, Sportline I, Sportline II and Competition Kit. As well as top mount camber plates and air jacks for competition use.
SPORTLINE I : Mc Pherson type with 22 mm shaft (Price from HK$9,000)
Sport-Line are mono-tube high-pressure, coil-over shock absorbers. Damping force on rebound and compression is adjustable in 12 positions. These shock absorbers are adjustable to several heights. Sport-Line shocks can be rebuilt and maintained. They guarantee a comfortable ride and are equipped with adjustable aluminium anodised spring seat.
SPORTLINE II : Mc Pherson type with 45 mm shaft (Price from HK$9,000)
Sport-Line are mono-tube high-pressure, coil-over shock absorbers. Damping force on rebound and compression is adjustable in 12 positions. These shock absorbers are adjustable to several heights. Sport-Line shocks can be rebuilt and maintained. They guarantee a comfortable ride and are equipped with adjustable aluminium anodised spring seat.
COMPETITION KIT (Price from HK$20,000)
Many top drivers, including KC Racing have already experienced AST shock-absorbers. AST gives you just that little bit more. Better adjustment possibilities, better damping characteristics and endless reliability that can make the difference between winning and losing ... anywhere, anytime.
KC Racing has been using AST Suspension on our Honda Integra Type R touring car for 6 months with great results, now we would like to bring you the same quality product for your vehicle. For more information and pricing, please visit AST Suspension website at http://www.ast-suspension.com/ or contact us via email or phone.

- 2007/1/23 -

Golf MK5 GTi Optican ECU Flash

Optican Flash Tuning for VW MK5 Golf GTI Light Weight Version - Update 7/2/2007

KC Racing has completed dyno run for Optican Flash Tuning Stage 1 mapping for VW MK5 Golf GTI Light Weight Version. The result out beats many brands in the market.

All Optican Flash Tuning mappings are specially written for fuel quality in Hong Kong to maximize performance. Flashing time will take 60-90 minutes only. Our German technician make adjustments to 20-30 frames in the mapping comparing other brands that only adjusts 6-10 frames, which means finer adjustment in fuel and ignition timing for better power and torque delivery.

For VW MK5 Golf GTI, KC Racing has choices of 3 power packages for your driving need.

Stage 1 Optican Flash Tuning to suit Standard Exhaust System and Intake
13.7ps / 1.9kg/m at the wheels
Stage 2 Optican Flash Tuning to suit Kinetic Craftworks Cat. Back Exhaust System with K&N Panel Intake
19.2ps / 2.6kg/m at the wheels
Stage 3 Optican Flash Tuning to suit Kinetic Craftworks Racing Exhaust System with K&N Panel Intake
31.1ps / 4.1kg/m at the wheels

Optican Flash Tuning for VW MK5 Golf GTI retails at HK$7,800.

- 2007/1/17 -

Martini Racing Fuel 700

New Product!! Martini Racing Fuel - Update 01/26/2006 KC Racing has become the official Martini Racing Fuel supplier for China.

Martini Racing fuels are custom blended unleaded race fuels designed to comply with the extreme demands and requirements for high-speed Drag cars, Drag Bikes, maximum horsepower Drag Boats and all out circuit racing cars. These forms of competition demand maximum power out-put and protection from high-speed, high load engine detonation.

The development of Martini Racing Fuels is the product of extensive laboratory research to develop a blend of hydrocarbons and oxygenates to provide rapid and smooth combustion to significantly boost power output. In the combustion process, oxygen from the air intake is combined with the racing fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. If this ignition process is not smooth, knocking will occur thereby causing loss of power, poor fuel economy, overheating and possibly even engine damage due to detonation.

Martinis custom blended racing formulation contains a state of the art chemical oxygenate which is designed to provide very rapid combustion and greatly increased flame speed.

Designed for competition and extreme high performance drag racing, circuit racing and power boat applications. Martini Racing fuels have been extensively tested in both road and dynamometer testing.

Martini Rally Sport 700 Race Fuel

Martini Rally Sport 700 race fuel has been developed to excel in one of the harshest motor sport environments on the planet, Australia. Our custom race fuel formulation is designed to comply with the requirements of various governing bodies including the Fédération Internationale de l Automobile (FIA) Schedule G fuel specification for high-speed racing cars, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) and Australian Federal Government Fuel Standards 2001 (amended 2006)

Martini Race fuels can be used when requiring improved power out-put and protection from high-speed, high load engine detonation. The development of Martini Rally Sport 700 is the product of extensive laboratory research to develop a superior blend of hydrocarbons and oxygenates that will provide smooth and rapid combustion to significantly boost power output.

As part of the engines normal combustion process, oxygen from the air intake is combined with the fuel to ignite in the combustion chamber. If this ignition process is not smooth, knocking or pinging will occur thereby causing loss of power, poor fuel economy, over heating and possibly even engine damage due to detonation.

Martini has developed a superior method to improve this combustion process by chemically adding oxygen to our RS700 race fuel formulation. By increasing the oxygen level in the combustion zone we have now changed the stoichiometric ratio and this creates a denser ¡§fuel charge¡¨ which can significantly increases power.

Martini RS700 race fuel is designed for competition, high performance and elite rallying applications. Martini RS700 race fuel has been extensively proven in both track and dynamometer testing to 700 rear wheel horsepower.

Martini RS700 is especially well suited to modern high performance turbo-charged engines with sophisticated computer controlled engine management systems.

Martini Rally Sport 700 racing fuel is manufactured in Australia under

Physical Characteristics
Typical Figure FIA/CAMS Regulation Specific Gravity 0.775 0.720 to 0.785 Reid Vapour Pressure bar at 37.8C 0.650 0.900 Research Octane Number 101.9 min 95/ max 102
Motor Octane Number 90 min 85/max 90 Distillation
% vol at 70¢X 20 10 to 47 % vol at 100¢X 43 30 to 70 % vol at 180¢X 95 85% min Final Boiling Point 198 225¢XC max Oxygen % 2.7%
2.7% max
Martini Rally Sport 700 produces substantial power increases without using banned or harmful substances such as Lead, Phosphorus, MTBE, DIPE or TBA. Information given by Martini Racing Products Pty Ltd is offered in good faith and to the best of our knowledge true and accurate. Conditions of use are beyond our control. All information relevant to usage is offered without warranty or guarantee and should not be construed as a recommendation to use any of our products in violation of any patent rights or in breach of any provisions of any Act or Regulation, Federal or State. In particular the information contained should not be construed as a representation that the product is suitable for any particular purpose or application Pricing

This Martini Racing Grand Prix 700 retails at HK$50.00/L or K$1,000.00 per 20L barrel. KC Racing offers contract pricing for track day, club and race event and racing team; please contact us for your special need.

- 2007/1/17 -

Brembo Mono Block Racing Calipers

We have a set of 2nd hand Brembo 4 pot Mono block Racing Calipers for sale. Condition 80%, the body has been completely rebuilt. Will fit 355mm X 32mm brake disc. Brand new HK $35,000. Sale price HK $18,000. Interested party please contact us.

- 2007/1/16 -

New Golf MK5 Oettinger BodyKit

We have a set of Oettinger BodyKit just arrived today, the kit consist of front and rear bumps, side shirts, front grill. This kit can fit all VW Golf MK5 models including GT, GTI & R32. RRP HKD $25,000 excluding paint&fitting.

- 2007/1/15 -

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