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New Products!! MkV GTI 2.0T K04 Turbo Upgrade

APR provide first turbo kit for the new 2.0T FSI engine provides a perfect balance of refinement and power. Making 300hp and 323 lb/ft, APRs K04 turbo upgrade for the GTI 2.0T will enhance your driving experience without compromise. With smooth acceleration and flawless drivability, the APR K04 turbo upgrade will exceed all the demands of a daily driver while providing instant acceleration and an appreciably broader power band throughout the entire rpm range.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for details.

- 2006/11/30 -

2006 CTM Cup

Please check our latest CTM photo inside "Galleries"

- 2006/11/25 -

New Car Subaru Impreza WRX STi Spec C Type RA-R

Besides having every letter of the alphabet this latest incarnation of the Impreza WRX STi, the spec C Type RA-R has the heavily reworked 2.0L flat-four of last year's Impreza S204 producing 320Hp @ 6.400 rpm and 44,0 kgm of toque @ 4.400. That's not the only thing in common that these two versions have, as both are limited production editions offered solely in Japan -though the spec C Type RA-R will be more rare as only 300 examples will be built in comparison to the 600 S204's.

Besides the upgraded engine, the RA-R gets a retuned suspension, lowered body (by 15mm) and 18" white coloured rims. Talking about colours, the spec C Type RA-R will be solely available in yellow, white & blue mica.

Although the body is practically intact in comparison with the "base" STi- as the only additions are a black coloured front lip spoiler, a roof scoop and the red accent surrounding the centre grille- Subaru has a hefty optional list. You can add a carbon fibre rear-deck spoiler, BBS style alloys, and of course, the "you've got to have them", Recaro buckets.

- 2006/11/13 -

Big Thanks to all our sponsor

The Macau Grand Prix V CTM Silver Jubliee Cup is coming soon. We are doing the final test run.

Big Big thanks to all our sponsors!!!!(not in order)

- 2006/11/10 -

Special packageF-con SZ + Harness + Auto Select Turning

Special package for Fairlady Z33.
HKS F-con SZ cost HK$5300
HKS Harness with modification cost HK$1500
Turning by Auto Select Mr. Sawa from Japan cost HK$8500

Please kindly give us a call for arrangment.

- 2006/11/8 -

KC Racing preparation for 53rd Macau Grand Prix V CTM Silver Jubliee Cup

Our defending champion Phillip Yau is busy preparing in 53rd Macau Grand Prix V CTM Silver Jubliee Cup. The Honda DC5 Integra Type R has been freshen up inside and out including a bright coat of orange colour paint to give a sharp image on race day and TV!!! Hey hey heyK.lets hope our sponsorship plan works out!!

Also, BIG THANKS to AST Suspension, UK specially designed a set of racing suspension for our battle at Macau GP. Final adjustment will be completed early next week and get ready for shipping to Macau!! Best of luck to Phillip and the crew and cheer us on TV on 17 November!!!

We have attached pictures from our garage for a quick preview of our car!!

- 2006/11/4 -

Cosworth EJ25 2.5ltr Subaru high performance engine

POWERSTATION UK & KC RACING are pleased to offer the amazing Cosworth EJ25 2.5ltrSubaru high performance engine. This engine has been proven to be capable of producing over 800bhp by Cosworth themselves.

Subaru EJ25 (STI) High Performance Short Block Assembly (SB8005)

Cosworth EJ25 (STI) short block has gone through countless hours of dyno evaluation to determine the best combination of parts to guarantee maximum reliable performance. Each EJ25 short block starts with a brand new Subaru case. The case is inspected and then the bores are honed to perfection to receive Cosworth Forged Pistons. The rotating assembly is then balanced, this includes a new STI Forged crank and Cosworth Forged H-Beam Connecting Rods to within .5 gram. The select parts are professionally assembled by one of Cosworth's skilled engine builders using their own coated, tri metal race spec bearings. Options include: Billet 79mm crankshaft, Billet timing belt guide. For added performance, please see our Cosworth CNC ported Big Valve Cylinder Heads and high performance camshafts.

- New Subaru EJ25 STI Engine Case
- New Subaru STI Forged Crankshaft
- Cosworth Forged Connecting Rods
- Cosworth Forged Pistons
- Cosworth High Performance Piston Rings
- Cosworth Race Spec coated Tri- Metal Bearings
- Balanced and Professionally assembled
- Billet Crankshaft optional (HK$40,000 Extra)

Cosworth Subaru EJ25 (STI) High Performance Short Block Assembly (SB8005) V HK$63,000

- 2006/10/26 -

Subaru S204 Phillip loves it!!

Phillip got invited to test drive the latest Subaru S204 today. After an hour of test drive, he likes the handling and the power output of this special edition STI. Also, the aesthetic of the car is very attractive. If he is not building an STI demonstration car now, he would buy one for himself.

- 2006/10/25 -

New Product!! AST Racing Suspension

The correct shock-absorbers are, just like the correct tyre choice, very important to the handling of your car. AST gives you exactly what you are looking for the perfect set-up.

35 years of experience and technical development are bound together in each shock-absorber manufactured by AST. AST dampers have been honed on race circuits all over the world in many different disciplines.

AST have developed advanced shock-absorbers for many different cars, all these shocks are built to the highest standards which is necessary to improve the handling of modern cars of today.

These AST shock absorbers are 3-way adjustable high-gas pressured competition shocks. They are supplied with an external reservoir and a 12-clicks low speed and an 11-clicks high speed compression damping adjustment. The rebound damping performance is adjusted with an extremely sensitive 12-clicks adjust knob. They have a high strength mounting bracket. The competition damper provides the maximum grip and optimum control needed to convert the enormous power of your competition car into performance on the track. Constructed from light weight aviation aluminum with an anodized finish and ultra-low friction bearings for both extension and compression strokes. We guarantee the best performance for every competition-driver. Correct adjustment of the damper guarantees a successful improvement of the cars performance to the track surface and the conditions of the day.

KC Racing has recently become a retailer for this superb suspension system. Please contact us for more information, we will find a prefect system to suit your fast road and racing application.

- 2006/10/24 -

Eurospeed Day V Autumn 2006 Another great success

Thank you to all participants and Car Plus!! Without your support, there cannot be such success. As organizer, we enjoyed the event very much and hope you feel the same.

Please go to the links with an article of the event in the latest issue (159) of Car Plus.

The next event scheduled after Chinese New Year, please come back here for update.

- 2006/10/24 -

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