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News Flash!! KC Racing will be racing in 53rd Macau Grand Prix ¡V CTM Silver Jubliee Cup

Our defending champion Phillip Yau will be running in 53rd Macau Grand Prix ¡V CTM Silver Jubliee Cup. This year, we have spent more time in engine and handling preparations, in order to give the team the best chance to get a 2nd consecutive win.

You can take part of this exciting event by offering your sponsorship and turn it to the best opportunity to promote your brand to local and worldwide audience. KC Racing offers sponsorship packages for your need, please contact us for details.

- 2006/10/22 -

New Product!! Endless Racing Brake Rotor for Stoptech Calipers

Endless has released Racing Brake Rotor to suit Brembo, Alcon, AP Racing and Stoptech racing calipers. This 2 piece slotted rotor contains high carbon content which gives stable braking performance during extreme racing condition.

KC Racing has installed a set of 355mm Endless Racing Brake Rotor and Ewig Concept 1 pads to an Audi B5 RS4 with Stoptech caliper. We were very pleased with the fitment and braking performance, which Endless has again deliver with a high quality product.

The retail price of Endless Racing Brake Rotor starts from HK$2,200, please contact us for your racing applications.

- 2006/10/21 -

New Product!! Denso Iridium spark plugs to suit late model Audi and VW vehicle

Iridium: 8 times stronger than platinum, 6 times harder, and with a melting point 1,200 degrees higher. New laser welding techniques make it possible to make a spark plug with an iridium electrode. The result is a plug that requires less voltage to spark, burns more of the fuel in the cylinder, and can spark at LEANER air/fuel mixtures, resulting in higher horsepower and better gas mileage.

Using the world's first 0.4mm dia. iridium center electrode, IRIDIUM POWER displays superb ignitability and low required voltage, drawing out better performance from your car - increased acceleration, accelerator response, operational stability, and lower fuel consumption. On the circuit, the sharp acceleration and rapid accelerator response will help you win, while on city streets, it will realize a comfortable and long drive in addition to low fuel consumption.

Although the plugs are expensive, you don't have to change them as often as garden variety spark plugs. The iridium electrode is extremely resistant to erosion, so it can last MUCH longer than a normal plug. (Longevity will vary by usage, fuel mixture, and other factors.)

It's the ultimate spark plug. KC Racing has specially ordered for late model Audi and VW vehicle and retail for HK$140 each, please contact us for your enquiry.

- 2006/10/17 -

New Product!! Okada Projects Performance Ignition Products to suit VW MK5 Golf GTI

Okada Projects¡¦¡¦ignition products produce a hotter, more powerful spark to increase engine performance, lower emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Plasma Direct Coils is road legal and work perfectly on most late model Japanese, European and US cars.

Plasma Direct Especially on high end import cars, nobody likes to cut into the wiring harness to install an ignition system, and on top of that, for most of these cars there are NO ignition systems available at all.

Here is the OKADA PORJECTS: The Plasma Direct replacement ignition coil with built in BOOSTER technology to amplify secondary spark current by 100% (2 times as much as OEM) and release about 4 times as much energy at the initial moment of spark.

This really is a revolutionary Ignition Solution to enhance existing coil over plug applications like never before.

Okada Projects has recently release Plasma Direct for VW MK5 Golf GTI, which is the only ignition product available for this car. We have install a set to a client¡¦s GTI and the result is better than we expected, as it improves the RPM pick up by 15%. It is one great product indeed!! We currently have limited stock in hand retail at HK$6,280.

- 2006/10/10 -

New Product!! Endless Ewig Brake Pads Product

Endless has released new Ewig Concept 1 (0 - 500¢XC) pads to fit rear calipers of the following European vehicles,

2005 ¡V Now Audi 8P A3 2.0T
2005 ¡V Now Audi 8P A3 3.2
2005 ¡V Now Audi B7 A4 2.0T
2005 ¡V Now Audi B7 A4 3.2
2005 ¡V Now Volkswagen MK5 Golf GTI
2005 ¡V Now Volkswagen MK5 Golf R32

Currently we have limited stock retail at HK$1,200 and we recommend installing with Endless Ewig Concept 1 front pads to gain maximum braking performance. Please contact us for installation booking.

- 2006/10/9 -

In Stock!! Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector with Blue Display

#1 Radar Detector for USA, Asia AUS, NZ, Canada, Mexico and South America!
This is superb for detecting long distance and hidden radar traps over the hill, around blind curves, as well as photo speed traps. The beautiful blue display is easy on your eyes at night and great during the day; and selecting features is very easy. Offers Ka, POP3 K & Ka, L, X, K, Photo detection. Windshield mounted.

How many radar gun speeding tickets have you received?
Now you can drive down the highway knowing you have the very best radar detector in the windshield to protect your driving! The Escort 8500 X50 will detect X, K, Ka Superwide, POP3 and Laser. . It is very easy to select the features you desire for your highway driving. Operation is for North, South, Central America, AUS, NZ and Asia, except Taiwan. It is not for European drivers

The Escort 8500 X50 was tested by Speed Measurement Labs and found to be one of the two best radar detectors in the world. It excels past the average radar detectors, because it is capable of detecting weak radar signals coming from a blind radar trap on the other side of a hill and around blind curves. It provides superb radar alerts before you get to those blind radar traps. It is offered with a very nice blue display, which is easy on your eyes at night and quite easy to see during the day. An X50-Red is also offered with a traditional red display.

Easy to Install
The Passport X50 is sleek in design and easily installs in the windshield. The X50 plugs into the 12Vdc outlet in the vehicle and attaches to the windshield via a suction cup attachment. It can quickly disconnect and slide right into your pocket when you wish to remove it from the windshield. The built-in self-test function guarantees reliable and complete protection every time you turn the X50 on, as it tests each mode of operation. And if it detects a rare problem, it will alert you.

Quality Product
The Escort Passport 8500 X50 is designed and manufacturing in Canada under strict quality control. All units are carefully tested and packaged before shipment. With new surface mount (SMT) technology, Escort has successfully held manufacturing costs down and provided a very nice looking product style with highest performance available, and lowest false noise alerts of all radar detectors. It is truly a 5 star rated products!

Special retail price HK$2,650 + HK$100, we offer COD service to CBD offices during weekday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

- 2006/10/5 -

New Product!! Evolution Motorsports V-Flow Intake with optional heat shield for VW MK5 Golf GTI

Evolution Motorsports proudly announces the release of the highly anticipated V-flow Air Induction systems for the VW MK5 Golf GTI. Engineered utilizing state of the art CAD CAM 3D modeling, CNC machining, computer controlled Superflow air flow testing, rotational molding, injection molding and countless man hours, these systems represent the apex of air induction technologies. Additionally, our systems also incorporate a custom cotton air filter and a 6¡¨ injection molded Venturi that acts as a vacuum for cold-air. All these components work together to create the most powerful VW air intake systems on the market today.

HP Gain: 10-15
TQ Gain: 10-15

-Installs in the factory location
-Utilizes factory ram air scoop for increased air flow and efficiency
-Utilizes a custom 5 layer, non-oiled cotton air filter with pre-filter and a 6¡¨ injection molded Venturi that acts as a vacuum for cold-air

KC Racing proudly present our first Evolution Motorsports product, we offer this item at a special price of HK$3,300 + HK$800 for installation. Please contact us for more information.

- 2006/10/4 -

New Product!! ScanGaugeII Provides Information about Your Vehicle in Real-time

The ScanGauge II is an extremely compact automotive computer designed to read and display information about your vehicle in real time.

Simply connect the ScanGauge II to your vehicle through it's OBDII port using the included cable, turn the ignition key and the ScanGauge II automatically connects to your cars internal computer - it's that simple.

Scan Tool - Check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes

The ScanGauge II can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) and if found, can display how many there are and the Trouble Codes themselves.Using the internet or repair manuals, these can be translated to the failed component and repairs can be made.

Data captured when the Trouble Code was set can be recalled to help troubleshoot the problems (was the temperature hot or cold, speed high or low, etc.). The ScanGauge II can be used to clear the trouble codes and data which will turn off the warning (Check Engine, Service Engine soon, etc.) lamp.

Some states now require that vehicle self tests have been completed since the codes were last cleared, before running emissions checks. The ScanGauge reports this "Readiness".

Digital Gauges - 12 Built-in Real-time Digital Gauges

The ScanGauge II can display up to 4 of 12 possible gauges at one time. The units of measure can be changed and the rate of update can be increased or decreased.

Trip Computers - The ScanGauge II automatically tracks and stores data for 4 Trips.

The CURRENT trip is restarted after the engine has been off for more than 3 minutes. The TODAY trip is restarted after the vehicle has not moved for 9 hours. The data from TODAY is moved to PREVIOUS DAY when it is restarted. This way, you don't have to reset the trip computers when you start a trip. There is also a TANK Trip which you reset when you fill up the tank. It can provide you with "to empty" data as well as other useful information. The information is available anytime during the trip. The CURRENT trip can be reset. This is useful for making fuel economy measurements at a steady speed.

The GAUGE mode can display instantaneous fuel economy, but small variations in throttle, terrain or even wind will cause this to wander around some. The CURRENT trip computer and its RESET capability can smooth this out over a longer distance. A demonstration of how to do this can be chosen below.

The TRIP modes in the ScanGauge II can be used to save gas. Improved driving habits can improve fuel economy by up to 30% according to a US Government source. The ScanGauge II lets you try different driving techniques and routes and gives quick feedback on how they affect fuel use.

< KC Racing brings in this great tool to Hong Kong at HK$2,000.

- 2006/9/26 -

Paintshield Hong Kong are proud to offer the X-Pel™

Paintshield Hong Kong is proud to offer the X-Pel™ range of products to the Hong Kong marketplace. Our Regional Headquarters is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in the very centre of the region and in one of the fastest growing car markets in Asia.

As a 3M-Approved Installation & Training Centre they are able to pass on a 4 year Warranty, fully supported by 3M itself. They are responsible for training both our growing regional network and our Malaysian domestic dealer network. They also offer vehicle light protection with a specially produced, optically clear, heavy duty film.

The worldwide shift by motor manufacturers to more easily-chipped, water-based paints, in response to environmental concerns over the older acrylic formulations, have rapidly established a broad-based recognition of the need for some form of protection to help the vehicle retain both its looks and its residual value. Similarly, the fast-developing use of HID/bi-Xenon Headlights and/or very stylised Headlight lenses that are part of the overall shape of the vehicle have brought about a pressing need to protect these expensive lighting systems from the damage caused all too frequently on today's roads. Paintshield Hong Kong will soon support the existing US and European design capabilities, facilitating a much shorter cycle time from vehicle launch to paint/light protection pattern design and install on Asian/Australasian volume products.

KC Racing is now offer discount packages to our customer for very limited time, please contact us for your enquiry

- 2006/9/25 -

New Product!! Kinetic Craftworks Pro-Tuning Seat in Carbon Kevlar

The Kinetic Craftworks Pro-Tuning Seat strong structure was engineered using a monocoque shell made from carbon Kevlar and uses an aluminum frame to increase rigidity for weight reduction. The ultimate super low position is combined with a reclining mechanism. The enhanced design is based on the idea that a high performance street car can also be used for the track, thus improving the versatility of the seat.

The light weight and high rigidity of the frame was achieved by using aluminum for the frame, a carbon-Kevlar composite for the shell, and integrating a reclining device into the structure.

The high grade Alcantara is used to increase grip in the seating area. Also, custom colour combination and logo can be made by request. KC Racing is the sole distributor for Kinetic Craftworks; we offer an introduction price at HK$8,500 per seat inclusive mounting accessories and installation for most cars. Custom colours add HK$2,000 per seat and logo add HK$1,000 per seat. Please contact us for more information.

- 2006/9/19 -

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