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The new generation of Kinetic Craftworks Titanium Racing Exhaust for Porsche 996 GT3RS

Kinetic Craftworks developed a new generation Titanium Racing Exhaust System to suit Porsche 996 GT3RS.

This system includes 321 Stainless Steel Manifolds, 304 Stainless Steel Front Pipe, 2 x 200 cells High Flow Cat. and super light weight Titanium cat. back exhaust system. The different between with the old version is the new style muffler. The new muffler is consist of two smaller muffler which can easlier for cooling than the old version. You can drive for a long time in a high RPM condition.

The new exhaust system only sell HK$40000 in a short period. Please call us for more details.

- 2006/9/7 -

New Product!! AWE Tuning Vent Mounted Boost Gauge Kit for VW MK5 Golf GTI

AWE Tuning has truly outdone themselves with this kit...

From the originators of the vent mounted boost gauge comes their latest masterpiece. After several design studies, we are pleased to offer the most visually integrated boost gauge available for the VW Mk5 chassis.

We have a gauge manufacturer from Japan known for aeronautical applications build this and all their gauges. The precision of this 52mm gauge is unmatched, and it just oozes quality. Backlighting is via crisp LEDs, ensuring a perfect match to the factory instrument cluster. Mounting the gauge in a vent ensures that it is readable at a quick glance, even under full acceleration, without any obstruction to the rest of your instruments.

Not only does the gauge match the lighting scheme of the Mk5 dash exactly, but the gauge mount is designed to allow air to still flow into the passenger compartment, while also allowing the vent to still open and close. The gauge sits within an injection molded black plastic pod, CAD engineered in house. The pod replaces the slats that sit within the factory vent enclosure, producing a seamless integration with the cockpit. The gauge sits at a slight angle towards the driver for perfect visibility.

This gauge package is engineered to be the best. The 52mm mechanical gauge reads from 0-25 psi of boost and 30-0 in/hg of vacuum.

This kit includes vent pod with UV stabilizer, 52mm mechanical boost gauge, all electrical and tubing hookups, and a detailed install sheet. Installation is easy and takes roughly 1.5 hours.

KC Racing has special offer to the public at HK$1,520 + HK$ 600 installation. Please contact us for detail!!

- 2006/9/6 -

New Product!! VF Engineering VW MK5 Golf GTI performance engine mount

The factory engine mounts are designed as a soft mount, to provide a very comfortable drive. Its drawback is the large amount of engine movement during torque under hard acceleration. This large amount of engine movement decreases stability under high performance driving conditions and gear selection.

To reduce this movement, VF-Engineering has created a complete set of replacement mounts fitted with molded, high durometer polyurethane inserts. The mounts frames are constructed from billet aluminum and supplied with high tensile hardware. Each installs in less than 30 minutes and fits all Mk5 models. Packages listed above are for 2.0 liter models. Mk5 5/6 cylinder mounts are also available, please contact us for details.

These high performance mounts have been tested on a supercharged VW R32 with 320hp and an Mk4 1.8T with a turbo upgrade. They really deliver!

VF Engineering VW MK5 Golf GTI performance engine mount 3 mount package retails at HK4,600 + freight and installation. Please contact us for any further detail.

- 2006/9/6 -

New Product!!Advan Racing RS 17 alloy wheels and Ohlins DFV Suspension on Mitsubishi Evolution VIII

KC Racing installed the first set of the latest Ohlins DFV suspension in Hong Kong!! Also, car owner has requested for a set of super light weight Advan Racing RS alloy wheels in 17 size.

As we have mentioned in our previous news, Ohlins' newest suspension is the DFV model which features the dual flow valve system (hence the DFV) that controls the attenuation of the moment at the beginning of the shock stroke, which give best road vibration absorption, that perfectly suited for fast road use.

As for the Advan Racing RS wheel, it has MAT Rim, is lightweight and tough. The Advan Racing RS features a 10-spoke design using a flow-formed rim to maximize strength and durbility during extreme racing conditions. The unique aspects of the Advan Racing RS include a three-dimensional "Advan Racing" logo cut off the surface of the wheel. Also, the wheel center has been designed to be as small as possible without sacrificing strength to give a longer concaved spoke design. This wheel is available in silver, gold, dark gun metallic, or bright chrome, from 17 V 19 size.

The owner of this immaculate Mitsubishi Evolution VIII gave us the feedback that the suspension makes the car runs very smooth on the road and gave him much confidence on high speed cornering, even on rough road surfaces. The Advan Racing RS has given the car much better acceleration as it has lightened the weight of the drivetrain. He is very happy with the results indeed!!

The Ohlins DFV on this car retails at HK$21,800 installed and those Advan Racing RS retails at HK$4,200 each, Rays wheels lock nut at extra cost.

- 2006/8/30 -

New Product!! Okada Projects Performance Ignition Products to suit all vehicles

Okada Projects' ignition products produce a hotter, more powerful spark to increase engine performance, lower emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

Plasma Direct Coils is road legal and work perfectly on most late model Japanese, European and US cars.

Plasma Direct
Especially on high end import cars, nobody likes to cut into the wiring harness to install an ignition system, and on top of that, for most of these cars there are NO ignition systems available at all.

Here is the OKADA PORJECTS: The Plasma Direct replacement ignition coil with built in BOOSTER technology to amplify secondary spark current by 100% (2 times as much as OEM) and release about 4 times as much energy at the initial moment of spark.

This really is a revolutionary Ignition Solution to enhance existing coil over plug applications like never before.

Highlights: • VERY Easy to install: Remove your old coils and install New Plasma Direct Coils
• 100% secondary current (Spark Amperage) increase from 50 mA to over 100mA on most systems.
• 4 Times Spark Energy Increase for the initial spark discharge (E=1/2*L*i*i)
• Compatible with all OEM components
• Compatible with OBD-II (On-Board-Diagnostics)
• LED: Our Plasma Booster for coil over plug come with a LED to indicate firing of the coil.
Okada Project produce the Plasma Direct™ for many different car applications, call us for your specific needs
For product application, please visit here for detail. KC Racing is currently running a promotional offer with Okada Project. Please call us for your application. We will be using this product on our Honda DC5 Integra Type R race car in this year's Macau GP.

Plasma Direct- 2006 Volkswagen MK5 Golf GTI 2.0TFSI V HK$6,280
Plasma Direct V 2004 Honda DC5 Integra Type R V HK$6,050
Plasma Direct - 2004 Mazda RX-8 V HK$6,050

- 2006/8/29 -

News Flash!! Buying quota is available from our German associate for Ferrari FXX, Mercedes Benz CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet, Mercedes Benz SL65 and many more super performance GT!!!

KC Racing currently has buying quota from our German Associate for the following Super Cars, any interested parties can email us at sales@kcracing.com.hk for futher detail.

Ferrari FXX
LHD, Delivery Miles V HK$POA

Mercedes Benz CLK DTM AMG Cabriolet
LHD, Fully Optioned, Delivery Miles V HK$3,300,000

Mercedes Benz SL65
RHD, Fully Optioned, Delivery Miles V HK$1,800,000 (not registered)

Porsche 997 Carrera S
RHD, Fully Optioned, Delivery Miles V HK$1,200,000 (not registered)

Mercedes Benz SLK55 AMG Black Edition
RHD, Fully Optioned, Delivery Miles V HK$1,700,000 (not registered)

Ferrari F355
RHD, Excellent condition, White - at HK$600,000

RHD, Excellent condition, Red - at HK$550,000

- 2006/8/26 -

News Flash!! KC Racing proudly present AWE Tuning, USA

KC Racing proudly to become an official dealer for AWE Tuning, for your enquiry please visit their web site http://awe-tuning.com for all product detail, we will back up the best price and service to match with this professional company.

AWE Tuning - Superior Performance through Innovation, Design, and Competition.

AWE Tuning is a performance tuning firm dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and distributing the finest products for your European performance vehicle. We don't believe in boutique parts - our mission is to provide only performance upgrades that really perform. We R&D all of our own products with the concept of "Superior Performance" as our guide. Our tubular exhaust manufacturing facility leads the industry, and as the first and largest GIAC partner, we help to develop many GIAC chip tuning software products on our Mustang All-Wheel-Drive load dynamometer. By utilizing these resources, we are able to control and modify our performance parts to not only perform better than anything else on the market, but to provide a continuity of quality and service.

AWE Tuning has been around a long time and enjoys a leading position in the VW, Audi, and Porsche performance tuning markets. We've been in the performance tuning business since 1991 and online since 1997. Not only do we manufacture many of our own products in-house, we are proud to be authorized Warehouse Distributors for and partners with elite companies such as Bilstein, Borla, GIAC, and H&R. We are a stocking distributor, with several thousand square feet of warehouse space to ensure that, when you place an order with us, the product is in stock here, ready to ship. We then follow-up with automated order confirmations and ship notifications with tracking numbers so that you can track your order yourself. And all our products are backed 100% by the manufacturer and AWE Tuning warranties.

Our 10,000 sq/ft facility in Willow Grove, PA combines our parts warehousing, offices, installation center, AWD chassis dyno test cell, and manufacturing plant. Our 16 member staff encompasses mechanical engineers, dealer trained technicians, and skilled metal craftsmen. Our products are conceived on CAD software, produced on the latest CNC controlled machines, and endure rigorous real world testing on our in house fleet of VWs, Audis, and Porsches before final release. Our commitment to the products we develop and distribute instills a level of confidence in our clients that is seldom matched in the industry.

Count on AWE Tuning to provide you with knowledgeable advice, excellent components, and true innovation in product design.

- 2006/8/25 -

Special Sale!! Gracer Aero Part by Greddy for Nissan 350Z

GRACER Aero Parts Front Spoilers are the first point to receive airflow resistance; the design of the front spoiler determines the final handling of the vehicle. The GRACER front spoilers are designed to reduce airflow going beneath the vehicle and also direct air to critical areas such as the radiator and intercooler.

While driving air turbulence occurs around the front tire, this turbulence can disturb airflow all the way to the back of the vehicle, where it can reduce the function of the rear spoiler. The GRACER Side Skirt is designed to smooth out the air turbulence towards the back of the vehicle, to achieve safe handling of the vehicle.

The GRACER Rear Spoiler is not just another cosmetic rear spoiler, in addition to enhancing the appearance of the vehicle it was also designed to be extremely functional. GRACER Aero Kits are designed to give maximum down force and airflow effect to maximum performance form the original body style.

KC Racing is doing a SUPER SPECIAL for these awesome aero parts from Greddy, Japan. The front lip spoiler retail at HK$2,000 with 17.5% off = HK$1,700 and side skirt retail at HK$4,000 with 17.5% off = HK$3,300. If you buy the whole set, we can do it for HK$4,900. Please contact us for installation and paint pricing.

click here

- 2006/8/22 -

New Product!! Mines VX Rom x 5Zigen ProRacer A-Spec, 40ps power package for 06'Subaru Lagacy

KC Racing has recent released a 40ps power package for 2006 Subaru Legacy. This power package included Mines VX-Rom and 5 Zigen ProRacer A-Spec cat. back stainless steel exhaust system.

Mines VX-ROM

Mines ECU tuning is designed to take potential power out of the engine without any stress. It produces surprisingly better performance with steady engine idling and normal air conditioning function.

VX-ROM includes remapping of fuel and ignition timing settings to suit any modification on your car. Also this ECU cancels the speed limiter, the boost limiter (on turbo charged models) and rev limiter.

VX-ROM is a processor to be installed into the factory ECU and the advantage of this performance ECU uses all the signals from various factory sensors can be still used, which means all the factory settings such as idle setting, self-diagnosis function work just like the factory ECU.

5ZIGEN ProRacer A-SPEC Exhaust Systems

5Zigen introducing circuit spec Pro exhaust system to the street scene. 5Zigen ProRacer light weight and high quality exhaust systems for Pro users feature Full stainless steel + INCONEL tail end = [Pro Racer Spec] with high toned exhaust note and dynamic exhaust flow. Piping layout characteristic increase Mid-High speed, spectacular high toned exhaust note and dynamic exhaust flow.

This power package retail at a special introductory price at HK$13,425, please contact us for any further information.

- 2006/8/21 -

New Product!! The Driveshaft Shop, USA. CV Axles upgrade

The WRX STI in a very strong platform except for the axles, the inner and outer CV housings were made from a chrome-moly very close to our 4130 (very good) but the center bar was not. It was made from a very brittle material and breaks even on factory HP cars. TDS have done extensive test and found out that with the upgraded bar system the set will handle in the 600HP range. (This is a set of axle bars, boots with clamps).

KC Racing will be using this product in our Subaru Sti 500hp race car, we retail this set of front and rear performance CV axle bars at HK$11,000.

TDS performance driveshaft has performance CV axles and Driveshaft for many Japanese and European car applications. Please contact us for details.

- 2006/8/12 -

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