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New Product!!Ohlins DFV Adjustable Suspension System

The ideal DFV system applies to both the compression and extension cycles

Ohlins originates from Sweden, starting off as a shock manufacturer for 2 wheel applications. Carrozzeria Japan supports Ohlins in Japan for the research and marketing of their products.

Ohlins's newest suspension is the DFV model which features the dual flow valve system (hence the DFV) that controls the attenuation of the moment at the beginning of the shock stroke.

"On the compression side of the shock, there is a sub-valve named the PCV in parallel to the main valve. In our new product, we incorporated this PCV valve in the extension side as well, for a dual flow valve design" claims Mr. Funabashi of Carrozzeria.

If the PCV was simply incorporated on both the compression and extension cycle sides of the shock absorber, then this simple theory would have been possible 6 years ago when the PCV was first used. But theoretically, with two sub-valves installed in a system, the stroke becomes reduced, hindering the overall efficiency of the shock. This is why it took so long to engineer a super compact design of a unit that has the sub-valve on both sides of the shock.

According to Mr. Funabashi, "the shock was ultra smooth against the pavement once the sub-valve was installed." They claim that the success of the new design was proven when the vehicle was tested on a bump.

The sub-valve also releases the oil pressure before the piston in the main valve so the shock is easier to begin its movements.

With the sub-valve on the compression cycle side, the instant wheel goes over the bump the sub-valve starts to work to absorb the impact resulting in a comfortable ride. However, once the vehicle starts to come off the bump to a flat surface and the sub-valve is not present, it relies on the main valve only. The result of this is that the impact of the wheel rolling off the bump increases. In other words, bad ride quality. This is why it is important to have the sub-valves on both sides of the cycles. Less impact means a comfortable ride.

Shown is the DFV piston. The unit has a sub-valve installed on both the compression and extension cycles. The compact design still enables full measurement of the stroke of the shock.

With the use of 3 channels on both the compression and extension cycle sides, the control of the attenuation of the moment at the beginning of the shock stroke is possible. Before the main valve starts to move, the sub-valve releases oil pressure for an overall comfortable ride.

To get the best feel of the DFV, a custom suspension for the CT9A was constructed. The front is the inverted type with steel casing and aluminum brackets. The rear is equipped with an aluminum casing that compliments the super light components that make up the rear suspension. The springs were set at 10 kg/mm front, and 8 kg/mm rear with a 20 way adjustable shock. This adjusts the compression and extension cycle of the shock at the same time.

KC Racing is currently supplying this latest Ohlins product and we have a set to suit Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX in stock. Others also available for Z33, BNR34, GDB, AP1, SE3P and NCEC, please contact us for further information.

- 2006/8/9 -

New Product!!Work -- Work Emotion XT-7 light alloys for VW MK5 Golf GTI and R32

The new 2006 model Seven Spokes WORK Emotion XT7
Great Cars need great wheels. In other words, wheels of first class quality and enormous strength, which can effortlessly carry a considerable weight and the associated maximum axle loads. Ideally, light, since weight optimized wheels tend to tramp less (lower un-sprung weight) and provide optimum contact to the road. The result of permanent grip: higher cornering forces, which in turn mean improved driving safety and in the last analysis, greater ride comfort.

Advantages of the new WORK Emotion
The multi spoke styling of the XT7 wheel designs represents the ideal solution for weight optimized wheels. The forces acting on them are guided perfectly to the center of the wheel spider by the even spacing of the seven. Thus it is possible to avoid excessive wall thickness and achieve a low wheel weight. Another important advantage, particularly in the case of high capacity vehicles, is the excellent brake ventilation and therefore improved braking behaviour.

Test proven advantages of the new WORK Emotion
The weight from the Suspension apparatus which includes the Tire and Wheel combination is called “Un-sprung Weight”, and reducing the weight of this section is crucial to the performance of the vehicle. If 1kg of weight is saved from the suspension system, the value of a 15kg weight loss from the vehicle’s overall weight can be saved. This means if an aluminum wheel which is 1kg lighter than a stock steel wheel is installed, 60kg of total of body weight can be saved.

Specifications & Price
Our supplier has requested Work Wheel, Japan custom produced the latest model Work Emotion XT-7 in 18” x 7.5”, ET50, 5 x 112 light alloys to suit VW MK5 Golf GTI and R32. This wheel not only gives another choice to car owners but it allows enough space to big brake kit installation. Each wheel weights 10kg, which is an excellent weight saving comparing to the heavy stock wheel.

We have asked our supplier to give KC Racing a special price to buyers at HK@2,190 each. It comes in Bronze and Gun Metal colour. Supplier only has limited stock in hand, so please contact us now for stock reservation.

- 2006/8/7 -

Optican Flasher by OBD Tuning - Who??

KC Racing has introduced Optican Flasher by OBD Tuning to Hong Kong for over 7 months now, after 30 very happy customers and hours of dyno testing by us. We have 100% confidence with Optican and in most cases, it out performs other brands in the market at reasonable price. However, Optican is new name to everyone and we have been asked by many of you, who is Optican??

About OBD Tuning GmbH
OBD Tuning GmbH was established in 1997 in Hamburg, Germany.

OBD Tuning has specialised in chip tuning of cars through the diagnostic port. OBD Tuning is making high-end solutions, which are well known worldwide. OBD Tuning has special knowledge of German car brands like Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda. OBD Tuning has also a wide range of chip tuning files for other car brands.

OBD Tuning files has been tested by leading car magazines in Europe and USA, and has always come out on top in these testing. Car manuafcturers visits OBD Tuning for ECU map testing on their new cars. Also, they will product ECU mapping with consideration of the local fuel quality, which ECU mapping for each country are tailor made.

Their production of mappings and other products are being done within the ISO 9002 standard. There are always new tests of mappings and new products. OBD Tuning GmbH has obtained a TÜV approval on their company, and this means that all the work on their products has the highest quality and approval routines. We have specific standard tuning maps that have TÜV approval.

OBD Tuning may also design special tuned files for customer’s need!

OBD Tuning has today 50 employees working in the workshop, development and support department. Many of their technician were ex-employees of major manuafcturer in Europe. Therefore, they have first hand information to all new cars ECUs and able to borrow test cars for the mapping needs.

What Does The Car Owner Get?
-A balanced increase in the horsepower and Nm in all torque areas.
-An increase in the Nm leads to lower use of fuel.
-There are no changes in the original settings for the car-ID, engine number and gear versions.

-Normal engine up to 15% more power
-Turbo/Compressor up to 55% more power
-Turbo diesel up to 50% more power

ECU Tuning
If the car that are to be tuned that is not in our database, an original mapping from the car will be sent electronically for custom tuning. It usually takes from 2 hours up to 24 hours to do this especially for a car

Nearly all cars are able to be tuned by Optican Flasher – OBD Tuning keeps up with today’s car market and update their database in daily bases.

Optican Flasher can do ECU tuning to Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Lancia, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugot, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Suzuki, VW, Volvo.

Optican Flasher has been voted as Editor’s Choice in SportsCar Magazine in SEMA 2005.

OBD Tuning has distributor all over the world includes Neuspeed in USA, Chipped UK, in United Kingdom and of course KC Racing for China.

Special Offer
From today to 31 August 2006, KC Racing will offer special discount up to 50% off retail price for the following vehicle using Optican Flasher Tuning.
Alfa Romeo 156 GTA
Audi B7 S4
BMW E56 X5 4.6L
Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG
Mini Cooper S
Porsche Cayenne Turbo

For other popular model like Audi A3 2.0T & 3.2, BMW E46 M3, VW Golf MK5 GTI & R32 are also at special price of HK$7,800. Please contact us for your appointments!

- 2006/8/3 -

New Product!! Vertical Doors, Inc. System

Vertical doors have gained popularity in US, Europe and now in Hong Kong. However, most products available in Hong Kong are either low quality made by "Copy Cat" factory in Asia or ridiculously expensive brands from Europe.

KC Racing proudly presents Vertical Doors, Inc. Systems, and industry leader from USA. All Vertical Doors, Inc. systems are "Direct Bolt-On" kits that are professionally Researched and Designed by our engineers for each specific vehicle that we offer. It's a complete well-designed and tested system, and it's very easy to install.

Superior design, materials, manufacturing, safety, performance and style - Vertical Doors Inc. is the industry leader and known for our Quality, and Great Customer Service. Made in USA U.S. PATENT # 6,808,223 and 6,845,547

This system is everything you need for a successful, reliable and cost effective conversion in a minimum amount of time.

We now offer many “Direct Bolt-On” kits for order; please contact us for your need. The installation charge at discount rate of HK$3,000.
For more details please click here.

- 2006/8/1 -

Mass Auto, Dongguan has joined KC Racing sales network in China

Our congratulations to Mass Auto in Dongguan to join KC Racing sales network in China. They will be our sole distributor in Dongguan to distribute high performance tuning products from Japan, United States and Europe such as Kinetic Craftsworks, Optican, Inline Pro, Endless, Motul, STATUS, Auto Select and many more top performance products for Japanese and European vehicles. KC Racing will offer technical support at all times, to ensure all jobs complete at our satisfactory level.


- 2006/7/28 -

New Product!! Quaife ATB Differential for VW MK5 Golf GTI (02Q)

Quaife ATB Differential - More Traction, More Speed

~~ Maximizes traction and minimizes wheel spin
~~ Proven in drag and circuit racing, rallying and road use
~~ Eliminates torque steer and snatching in fwd cars compared to conventional LSD
~~ Maintenance free design and retains standard axle lubrication

This differential will ONLY fit to VW MK5 Golf GTI with Manual (02Q) gearbox. It retails at HK$9,300 + installation HK$2,000.

- 2006/7/27 -

Bilstein PSS9 Performance Suspension for VW MK5 Golf GTI and VW MK5 Golf R32

Bilstein PPS9 Performance Suspension for VW MK5 Golf GTI and VW MK5 Golf R32 are back in stock ready for installation, we consider this is the best available suspension for fast road and occasional track use.

KC Racing retails at HK$14,000 .

- 2006/7/25 -

CTG TORQline Composite Propshafts

CTG TORQline is the brand name for CTG's range of advanced composite driveline solutions for motorsport and performance automotive applications.

CTG designs, develops, and manufactures TORQline products, bringing unrivalled performance and quality to these demanding markets, in volumes ranging from prototype and motorsport runs of single units through to several thousand units per year for road car applications.

CTG TORQline products compete in most international race series, including:
Japanese GT Championship, American Le Mans Series, FIA GT Championship
FIA Hillclimb Championship, Le Mans 24 Hours, French GT Championship
Dutch Supercar Series and Various Super 2000-specification series
KC Racing proudly to be distributor of CTG TORQline Composite Propshafts for Hong Kong and China, we are now giving an introductory offer for following products.
Mitsubishi Evolution 6, 7, 8 & 9 (Torque Rating 3,000nm, 3.90kg) - HK$21,000
Subaru Impreza (Torque Rating 3,000nm, 3.90kg) -HK$17,000
Nissan Skyline R32, R33 & R34 (Torque Rating 3,000nm, 5.90kg) - HK$21,000
Honda S2000 (Torque Rating 2,200nm, 4.20kg) - HK$19,500
BMW E36 & E46 (Torque Rating 3,000nm, 5.50kg) - HK$24,000
Caterham / Westfield (Torque Rating 1,500nm, 2.20kg) - HK$12,900
Mazda RX-7 – Coming Soon
Nissan 350Z – Coming Soon
Custom made available upon request, please contact us for detail.

- 2006/7/24 -

Fall Call! Eurospeed Day – Autumn 2006

Eurospeed Day – Autumn 2006, 29th September 2006 to 1st October 2006. It is the final call to all car enthusiasts wanted to enjoy a long weekend track day with mixture of food, social interaction and adrenaline packed action at Zhuhai International Circuit, one of the safest track in China.

Application deadline on 31st July 2006, please visit eurospeed day for further detail.

- 2006/7/24 -

NEW Product!! Forge Motorsport TWINtercooler for VW MK5 Golf GTI

Forge are pleased to present the all new VW MK5 Golf GTI "TWINtercooler" this ground breaking innovation features our unique twin-core design which has added greater efficiency throughout the entire RPM band beyond that of a single core setup, We have achieved this by using the latest core technology with high flow end tank designs to achieve a huge reduction in inlet temperatures.

Forge Motorsport has spent many months testing various designs and the "TWINtercooler" design emerging as the clear winner. This is a bolt-on kit that retains the use of the OEM intercooler to produce both horsepower AND torque, but more importantly, a HUGE reduction in inlet temperatures and increased flow efficiency.

A reduction in temps of up to a peak of 20 degrees Fahrenheit from 102 to 82 at 6600 RPM!
Download the Forge FMIC vs. Stock Intercooler Air Temp click here

Download the Forge FMIC vs. Stock Intercooler Power click here

Download the Forge FMIC vs. Stock Intercooler Torque click here

While the horsepower figures themselves are impressive enough, this will undoubtedly vary from car to car under various circumstances, but such a large reduction in inlet temps. is difficult to achieve. Once again we have a Forge product that truly is engineered for performance.

Our special offer to VW MK5 Golf GTI owners at HK$11,500 + Installation HK$1,500

- 2006/7/22 -

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