Defi-Link Meter BFs are electronic blacked out gauges which are high response and refined design. When the car is off they have a black face with no numbers on them. As soon as the car is turned on, the gauges light up and are in full affect.

Defi-Link Meter BFs need to be connected to Defi-Link Control Unit II. Up to 6 gauges can be connected and controlled by one Control Unit II. The name of the connection system is Defi-Link System. Defi-Link System allows gauges to be attached to Defi-Link Control Unit II with a single AISY CHAIN wiring system


Control Unit USD$99.99
Turbo meter USD$192.59
Oil pressure USD$229.99
Fuel Press USD$229.99
Oil Tempeture USD$169.99

Defi - Link Meter BF
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