Ferrea offers the finest titanium valve on the market. Our extensive R & D facility is constantly implementing new designs and processes, which continues to keep us in the forefront of engine valve technology. We manufacture each valve by forging a piece of special high-temperature titanium alloy with silicon (This high-temp. alloy is considered a special upgrade by our competitors; however, it has been standard in all our exhaust and some intake valves for years).
The valves then undergo an extensive heat treatment and stress-relieving process to ensure molecular integrity and prolong the valve life. Each Ferrea titanium valve is meticulously machined in our own preciesion CNC machining center where it must pass extensive quality control procedures. All of our special processes provide maximum performance and reliability, affording longer life in today professional racing engines.

Titanium Competition Valves

Ferrea also offers Titanium Blanks Valves that can be custom-machined to your specifications. These custom valves can be produced with or without hard tips. We assure a fast turnaround time. Our selection of blanks now includes the New Special Hi-Temp. Nitrous compatible exhaust vavles, unlike all other titanium valves, they will not flake, chip or peel at the bottom of the stern due to heat or excessive movement. Also, the New small diamter stem valves (7mm & 5.5mm) are now available for Honda, Acura, Toyota, Nissan, Aurora IRL motors

Titanium Competition Valves - Blanks

Ferrea Competition Plus Valves have built a reputation as the industrys most reliable extreme duty valve. We, at Ferrea, are dedicated to providing the absolute best product on the market.

Our extensive R & D programs provide tehcnological gains, which are implemented in each of our competiton plus valves. They are engineered for higt rpm, high horsepower racing engines, and are chose by many top NASCAR, Drag, and Oval & Sprint Car-racing teams.

To manufacture the valves we use special aerospace quality alloys, including EV8-Z18, which provides high tensile strength. An exclusive two-step slow forging process ensures proper grain flow and virtually eliminated any damage to the material structure. The valves are then heat treated and stress-relieved over a 48-hour period, which is the crucial base of our molecular integrity. These valves feature avionics-quality hard chrome along with a specially applied hard tip. Our engineering staff at Ferrea spends countless hours conducting flow bench tests to achieve an optimum balance of flow, velocity and efficiency in the design of this valve. As a result, these valves incorporate smoother radiuses and unique undercuts. These exclusive features are what make the Ferrea Competition Plus Valves unequaled in performance and reliability!

Ferrea is once again setting the pace with its Competition Plus PQ Series Exhaust Valves, the next generation of exhaust valve technology

Due to the evolution in today competition engine applications, temperatures are increasing and as a result, longevity is decreasing. Therefore, Ferrea is pleased to introduce our NEW! Competition Plus PQ Series Valve.

This is a next generation exhaust valve made of an Ultra High Strength, High Temp Nickel Stainless Stell Alloy. Ferrea first used this material with great success during the development of a very high stress, high temp endurance racing program

This PQ Series next generation exhaust valve material will progressively replace Competition Plus Series valves as applications evolve and the material becomes necessary

Listed below are some qualities of the Next Generation Exhaust Valve material

Tensile strength increased by 20% at high temperature
Fatigue resistance increased by 20%
Valve seat life increased by 25%

Competition Plus Valves

The 6000 Series Competition Valves are designed to provide excellent reliability in an environment of high spring pressures and roller cams, at a budget price. They have higher fatigue resistance and tensile strengths than our competitors best offerings. These valves can be used in Drag and Oval Track racing applications.

To manufacture the valves, we use our exclusive two-step slow forging process using EV8 stainelss steel on both intake and exhaust valves. We provide a special heat-treatment and stress relieving process, along with hard chrome stems and friction-welded hard tips. We finish with a swirl polished head. The valves feature flow improvements to deliver the power needed for todays sophisticated racing engines

6000 Series Competition Valves

The 5000 Series Valves have become the alternative for performance engine builders that use our competitors STREET or PERFORMANCE VALVE These valves are produced in our CNC centers allowing tight tolerances and cost-effective design. They feature a one-piece forging made from stainless steel, a special heat treatment process, hard chrome stems, and hard tip. Most applications are available in an undercut stem and dished head, while other applications are available in straight stem and flat head. These valves provide our customers with maximum value for their dollar and are designed for Street Performance engines, mildly modified Drag and Oval Track applications.

5000 Series Hi Performance Valves

This Special Aluminum-Magnesium Roller Rocker System was designed and developed by Ferrea to replace the factory Steel Rocker Arm System and eliminate the V-TEC Function. Factors such as weight, mass moment of inertia, deflection, and cycle durability are taken into account throughout the design and testing process

Premium Material:
We use special high quality 70 Series Aerospace Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy, heat-treated to provide superior strength at elevated temperatures

Fully CNC machined, profiled for weight reduction. (OEM unit weighs 108% more) which improves moment of inertia, and increases the RPM range of Valve-train.

Roller Wheel:
The Roller Needle Bearings prevents roller from skidding across the camshaft surface, unlike the (OEM) stock rocker pad, thus reducing friction dramatically.

Tool Steel Pin:
The Tool Steel Roller Pin is compressed between the rocker to stablize the rocker motion throughout the entire RPM range.

Our Roller Rocker System comes with all hardware and requires no head modifications for installation.

Sport Compact Roller Rocker System

Harmonics or high frequency fatigue is present in all racing engines and will usually destroy the valvetrain if not controlled. Properly designed valve springs will control the dominant harmonics, provide the needed stability, and reduce valvetrain component wear.

Ferrea valve springs are developed from high strength alloys, including premium grade chrome silicone steel These springs are manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment. Our springs are heat-treated and stress-relieved, which dramatically increases the springs life. Strict quality control procedures and cycle testing ensures consistency from batch to batch. Ferrea valve springs provide teh stability needed for high lift, high rpm racing engines, while minimizing the load loss for today aggressive valvetrain combinations

We expanded our Springs offering to include many new designs and applications. Our goal is to provide the best possible valve-train combinations for all racing environments from circle track, drag racing, motorcycle racing and offshore marine racing.

Valve Springs

The Ferrea Superlocks were designed and developed as a solution for the Top Fuel & Funny Car engine builders experiencing problems of premature wear in the lock and tip area of the valve. this premature wear is attributed mainly to poor geometry of the HEMI motor, and the super high spring pressures present. Our new lock assembly replaces the need for hard tips, by incorporating a special lash cap which is surrounded by a shouldered valve lock which locks the valve stem above and below the keeper groove and secures the lash cap to prevent any unwanted movement. The innovative new lock design is the choice of many Drag Racing and Winston Cup engine builders. The Ferrea Superlock mates ideally with steel and titanium valves, and is available in Super 7 and 10 degree in standard and +.050 installed heights.

Steel Valve Superlocks
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