VAG Technik

Titanium Exhaust System USD$1,900
Random Technology High Flow Cat.USD$750
Titanium Exhaust Plus Random Technology High Flow Cat USD$2500

The Golf GTI 2.0T Replaced VAG Technik Titanium Exhaust. The 70% weight savings means improved performance, Faster acceleration, higher cornering speeds, shorter braking distances and increased fuel economy. Titaniums oxide film takes on shimmering tones of blues, purples and golds as exhaust raises the temperature of the pipes. These colours evidence and enhance titaniums natural corrosion resistance.

KC Racing has been tested the new Golf GTI 2.0T FSI with modified AmD ECU remapped and Titanium Exhaust in July,2005. The result on Dyno showed that there is 71bhps increased, The standard GTI only gives 200bhps.

VAG Technik Titanium Exhaust(Golf GTI MK5)

VAG technik design a Titanium exhuast for RS4
70% weight saving, better cooling

VAG Technik Titanium Exhaust(Audi RS4)

Superproduction Race verison, save weight 75%

VAG Technik Titanium Exhaust(Honda Integra R DC5)
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